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Jungle Trekking

Sabah's rainforest is still largely unexplored and offers trekkers, hikers, and climbers an excellent chance to discover a fascinating array of flora and fauna. One of the main attractions has always been the Rafflesia, which is the largest flower in the world and probably the one with the most unpleasant smell! As you tread your way through the blooming flowers and lush vegetation, you might get lucky enough to view a pair of Orang-utan. The waterfalls, rivers, green foliage, and the surroundings are so amazing that even the best camera lenses rarely capture its true beauty.

Adventure Sports

Sabah offers excellent opportunities for adventure tourism giving those who are daring and ready to explore, a chance to indulge in adrenaline-pumping, daredevil adventure sports. Add a bit of thrill factor to the holidays by engaging in a variety of activities like rock climbing, white water rafting, trekking, and Malaysian traditional sports.


Diving is one of the favourite activities in this part of the world and Sabah is an excellent place to indulge in it. There are many small islands in and around Sabah that are protected marine parks and have excellent facilities for scuba diving, snorkeling, and water sports. The blue waters, excellently preserved coral reefs, and rare marine species like green turtles, napoleon wrasse, sharks, and giant clams are always a treat to see.


Sabah boasts some of the best natural golf courses in Malaysia. Because the country was a British colony for a long time, golf has developed into a much-loved sport among the Malayans. Today, there are a number of golf clubs in and around Sabah, which offer all the necessary facilities for the game like caddies and golf equipment. The golf courses offer some of the most beautiful and challenging holes that test the skills of an amateur as well as a professional.

Wellness & Spa

Sabah is abundant with vegetation due to its tropical rainforests and along with it comes the additional package of availability of medicinal herbs and spices. One can relax their body, de-stress and detox themselves at their favored spa by having a good massage with essential oils and other products. Feel fresh as the morning dew and rejuvenated for the next activity with a one-hour break at the Spa.